How much are you really influencing the buying process?

Denver’s Expert Marketing Automation Management Services

Kreitz Limited’s Denver Pardot Marketing automation management services helps maximize your investment in Pardot so you can attract, capture, and nurture more sales opportunities, making your business more successful than before.

Marketing Automation is a cryptic buzzword that really just means using software designed for marketing to automate online/digital marketing and sales activities that attract, capture and nurture more leads for your business.

My name is Bryan Kreitz and I’m an expert at helping generate more leads for your business using the Internet. And if you’re not sure how to leverage online marketing to expand your business, I can help with that too.

Marketing automation helps your business grow by connecting more people with the same problems your products/services help solve. Really, it’s that simple.


Marketing automation serves the ambition of all sales & marketing organizations that aspire to “more, better, faster” in terms of more leads, better lead quality, and shorter sales cycles.

What are some typical sales & marketing problems marketing automation helps solve? Before answering this question, let’s divvy up possible opportunities into big “P” and little “p” problems.

Big problems are just unavoidable opportunities or issues that cannot be ignored. You must take action. Types of big “P” problems Pardot marketing automation helps solve include:

  • Securing next level of funding
  • Fending off competition
  • Seizing market share from competition
  • Getting unstuck / Getting to the next level
  • Sales & marketing not working well together
  • Fixing a misaligned buying experience

Smaller problems may not be as motivating to address, but these frustrations could eventually add up to big opportunities to improve sales & marketing results. Some examples include:

  • Wasted technology – not taking advantage of MA investment
  • Low command & control over automation
  • High email unsubscribe / low delivery rates
  • Marginal improvements in lead generation/opportunities since investing in MA
  • Inconsistent email marketing
  • Spending too takes too much time and energy managing Pardot
  • Misaligned branding because Pardot emails and landing pages don’t match website
  • Poor conversion rates – not generating enough and/or higher-quality leads for sales
  • High cart abandonment / low conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • My personal favorite: went through Pardot onboarding and still not clear on what exactly to do next, or how everything works


Want to know a secret I’ve discovered working with businesses like yours? Too many of them facing marketing problems, just like yours, go purchase expensive marketing automation software thinking this will solve their pains only to find the “panacea” doesn’t help. Why?

Experience has shown automating bad processes or messaging only accelerates BAD RESULTS!

TIP: Before you go spending money on automation, take time to inventory your online marketing process and the challenges your marketing efforts faces on a daily basis.

Keep is simple by asking yourself how the biggest sales & marketing challenges your business faces fall under the following three categories:

  • ATTRACT – Are you struggling to get in front of more potential clients/customers? – For example, does your website show up when people search for relevant search terms?
  • CAPTURE – Is your website a “drive-by attraction” – Does your business show up in related search results, but visitors aren’t converting to leads?
  • NURTURE – Finally, is your content distracting or diverting leads from converting to new customers?

The problems with online marketing can be consistently sorted into these efforts. You’re failing to either attract, capture, nurture or a combination of all three concerns.

So what do you do? How do you fix the most important issues with your online marketing strategy?


The key to making more money selling your products & services online is to use marketing automation.

My Pardot marketing management services gives many reasons to stop avoiding or struggling with your online marketing including:

  • Helping design and develop responsive email marketing templates so your marketing communications get the most attention and engagement
  • Developing reliable nurture drip campaigns based on proven high converting formulas and techniques
  • Designing high-performing email remarketing and nurture strategies that generate more sales, referrals and leads from current/past customers
  • Auditing and optimizing email security keeping emails out of recipient’s spam folders
  • Inventorying and reinvesting existing marketing assets to get a jump start on attracting more sales
  • Optimizing and Pardot integration to supports your sales & marketing process ensuring important opportunities don’t get mishandled
  • Enabling your integration to provide end-to-end ROI reporting on all closed-won opportunities helping quantify critical factors that impact where to invest your limited marketing budget
  • Implementing and managing email marketing campaigns, segmentation lists, distributions, and conversion actions helping you sleep better knowing your marketing engine is performing at the highest level
  • Providing key monthly, per-campaign, and per-email performance reports so management clearly understands your value and contributions to the organization
  • Performing ongoing Pardot database maintenance & clean up keeping your system always targeting fresh and intent audiences
  • Defining and managing list segmentation ensuring messaging is lock-step with a lead’s progress in your sales funnel
  • Quantifying lead quality and lead grading giving you better insights on higher-quality prospects intent on purchasing, and avoiding ones with little interest
  • Acting as point of contact for Pardot-related support inquiries and help-desk tickets saving you time from tech support hassles
  • Ensuring prospect activities get attributed to active SFDC opportunities (SFDC campaigns) helping you drill down on which marketing activities have the greatest impact on sales

These are just a few of the ways we can help you start taking advantage of marketing automation, but perhaps you want to know more?


  • “How much does it cost?” – Our services typically cost can be about the same as hiring an entry-level employee with no experience.
  • “Would it make more sense to hire an internal resource?” – That depends. Would you rather pay an inexperienced employee $35K a year salary or invest in an expert who already knows how to use the technology to grow your business faster than someone trying to “figure it out”?
  • “I’m not very technical. Can I eventually do this work?” – Learning how to master and manage marketing automation can be as challenging as you want. Many businesses invest in expensive marketing automation technology, hire a NOOB employee to manage the system, and then expect sizable results from their investment. Basic marketing automation is easier than advanced automation, but the real gains lie in advancing marketing automation to get and stay ahead of your competition. We’ll help you focus on strategies that generate growth and handle the automation, and if you don’t have ideas for increasing growth, we can help with that too.
  • “We hired a person to do this stuff. Will you train them to do your job?” – Teaching someone else to do what we do, and what we know, would be very expensive, which is why we do not offer training. I position of our together as a partnership invested in the success of your business. I’ll automate your best lead-generation and marketing ideas so your can focus your internal resources in better ways.
  • “Will you work on site or remotely?” – I run a US-based organization that works remote/virtual, but we regularly Skype and web conference with clients. If you prefer to have an onsite resource, please contact us regarding additional fees for this service.
  • “Having a technical background, do your understand sales & marketing?” – People probably think havingworked at Microsoft that I’m a big geek or not able to see the business side of
    technology. It’s no surprise I never even made to middle management at Microsoft because I was too focused on getting things done and delighting the actual customer, not management. I grew up the son of an entrepreneurdenver certified pardot consultant and learned first hand what “minding your business” really means. Being entrepreneurial means I’m always focused on growing the business and making more money. Who wouldn’t want a partner with that attitude and focus? The fact is I LOVE helping business owners grow their business. It gets me out of bed every day knowing I have an opportunity to give your business more opportunities to win.
  • “Why hire an ‘expert’?” – Experience and certifications count. The whole point of hiring an expert marketing technologist is to go faster. Think about it, would you hire an inexperienced race car driver to pilot your multi-million dollar race car? As an certified Pardot consultant I’ll be helping you spend less time closing more deals.


If you’re considering hiring an expert to help with your marketing automation, you might be dealing with or hoping to avoid some of the common pitfalls of online marketing like:

  • Spending money on marketing without knowing exactly how the results are impacting your business
  • Not having enough leads for your business
  • Having too many emails landing in spam and unsubscribes
  • Struggling to sync website visitor activities your CRM
  • Tracking online interaction with marketing assets
  • Not knowing what channels are actually driving traffic to your website
  • Not being able to capture email addresses and consistently grow your mailing list
  • High cart abandonment
  • A website that doesn’t help potential buyers complete a purchase
  • Not having a clue if money spent on content marketing is actually attributing to new business


Having your marketing automation dialed-in and helping grow your business isn’t an insurmountable task. It’s not. And, when you’ve got the automation and systems in place that lead to better sales, you’ll be able to things like:

  • Knowing exactly how prospects are interacting with your content
  • Seamlessly passing leads to sales
  • Seeing exactly what channels are creating the most and the best leads
  • Simplifying the sales process
  • Helping visitors complete a purchase or get to the person they need, automatically
  • Understanding what content/channels are consistently involved in close-won opportunities


Are your online visitors getting the information they need to make a purchase or start a conversation?

When your marketing automation gives online visitors the information and personal attention they need to feel comfortable moving forward with a purchase or engagement, you’re going to love the results.

My Pardot marketing automation management services will help tune your online marketing into a 24/7 selling machine

I’ll help you get hold of online marketing channels and maximize website traffic, and if you need more website traffic we can help with that too.

My Denver-based marketing automation consulting services will help you get to the place of having more leads, more engaging content, and more closed-won deals…the kind of business success you deserve.

If your business relies heavily or could benefit from marketing automation to generate leads and close sales, we need to talk.

To get help and figure out a plan for attracting, capturing, and nurturing more leads for your business give me a call at 303-570-6076, or user the form below to schedule a visit.

I look forward to helping grow your business.

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